Injection pumps

The second branch of our activity is the repair and sale of injection pumps and VP30/44 Bosch PSG16.
We also offer parts.
Pumps VP30/44  are used in cars of different brands of car,
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Our company specializes in the repair of turbochargers and fuel injection pumps.
We have the best equipment of renowned brands such as Schenck and Bosch.
In the process of repair essential factor is to checked and adjust the parameters according to manufacturers of components, only such repair guarantees the quality of the product at the level of new parts and thus ensures long life of the turbocharger repaired or injection pump.
All turbochargers are balanced on German machines Schenck and pass through
two-stage process of balancing.

basic balancing,
the velocity to
10,000 rev / min
second balancing,
the velocity to
200 000 rev / min
final assembly
Each regenerated turbocharger, receives the protocol of the balancing machine
All turbochargers have a
24-month warranty.

We regenerate all types of turbochargers, we have 200 models on stock, new and remanufactured.
We invite you to cooperate with wholesalers and car services - a very attractive price and express delivery
throughout Europe. We issue invoices Euro.

Examples of turbochargers in stock click for
more >>> price of  230 Euro.

Special offer for companies! If you want to cooperate, we'll give your company a 20% discount on the first 3
reconditioned turbochargers - know the quality of our services!

Injection pumps after a comprehensive regeneration
new driver, new mechanics, the calibration on the table
Parts for Bosch pumps VP30/44
Prices pumps after a full recovery is 400 Euro - click for more >>>

Our offer is also for sale and repair of injection pumps Bosch PSG16 type.
Below is a Bosch factory numbers:
0470504218, 0470504209, 0470504217, 0470504204, 0470504201, 0470504208, 0470504213, 0470504203,
0470504220, 0470504223, 0470504227, 0470504215, 0470504205, 0470504202, 0470504207, 0470504214,
0470504216, 0470504226, 0470504206, 0470504212, 0470504225, 0470504221, 0470504224, 0470504219.
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Special offer for companies! 10% discount on the first 3 remanufactured injection pumps (400 Euro -10%)
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